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When you develop the beings within your organization,
you raise and renew the major asset of success.


Why corporations are creating meditation space for their employees. 

Newspaper clipping

 Young Woman Contemplating
Huffpost, September 2016
By Gwen Schlefer, Contributor
How Meditation Benefits the Working Brain
Stressed Man
Thunderbird School of Management, Nov. 2017
By Dana Manciagli.
Benefits of Meditation in the Workplace
Stressed Woman
Meditation builds brain cells, Harvard study show proof
Natural News, Feb. 2015
By Talya Dagan


Because it's more than stress reduction...   
 it's Transformation !    
We must come to the realization that the height of success of an organization is directly connected to the wellness, enthusiasm and creativity of its employees.
We have been reaching out for relief and happiness outside of ourselves long enough. Discover how the transformative mindfulness guidance of Pureconscience LLC. has the power to ripple on the inner landscape of your employees.


Every Meditation is a Transformation
The Pureconscience Signature Transformative Meditations includes a deep compassionate spontaneous transformation in every meditation. Experience a deep dive and learn to navigate your own depth to rejuvenate and to tap into your inner power to re-create. 
A compassionate approach to strengthen inner abilities of the 3 main ¨set of muscles¨ training of the mind:  concentration, mindfulness and compassion.


Consciousness Study
These Awareness-Workshops bring forward practical and powerful tools of internal self-management by exploring the “behind the scenes” of your existence. 
Experiential exploration of 12 powerful topics to choose from
relating to various aspects of self-realization tailored to your employees' needs. (Details in the Program).


Posture Correction
Pureconscience Yoga is based on the fundamental principles of the laws of nature. The teaching of each movement originates from the spine in relation to gravity. 
Adapted to the workspace includes creative movements that release high tension points from working in an office.
Pureconscience Yoga allows to regain inner strength and transform habits of bad posture. 

AND MORE... (Details in Program)

Pureconscience Transformative Mindfulness Training Program for the Workspace has an experiential approach to contribute to the development of an optimal state of centering and to open a window of exploration on the inner working of your own consciousness.


The program effectively guides the participants towards a higher level of awareness to gain insights in the recognition of their default inner postures and patterns.


This program explores the tools for better self-mastery of inner abilities to realize that we are the source of our own experiences and that it is possible to create a new blueprint.


The ultimate goals are to increase personal responsibility, to awaken the power of creativity in encouraging the participants to step outside of their default way of relating to themselves, others and their environment and to transform into a more supportive, compassionate and deliberate way of being and action.

¨When we explore our inner world together, you will reveal to yourself the functioning of your own consciousness. ¨


Manon Locas offers a unique mix of personal stories, meditations, mindfulness teachings, practical exercises, transformations and healings. 

Manon stands out as a Transformational Speaker & Personal Life Coach because of the very unique path she has experienced. She has been passionate with the field of self-transformation since 2003. She has trained in a variety of approaches and her life path brought her to dive deep into the practices of all three different aspects of meditation: Concentration, mindfulness and compassion. She is a Certified Spontaneous Transformation Practitioner, Yoga & Meditation Instructor & Intuitive Healer.

Read more about Manon's credentials in the Program.

When you develop the beings within your organization,
You raise and renew your major asset of success.
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