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Unresolved Emotions

Advanced Tools For 



Our collectivity is having a ¨Nervous Breakdown¨ affecting the ¨roots¨ and the multidimensional pillars of our society. 
In these extreme times of global crisis, the energies of chaos and ¨the unspeakable truths¨ are disturbing our welfare and ravaging our emotions. 
 We feel betrayed at the highest level by the ones we trusted to run our collectivity.  Deception, sadness, and anger are all reasons to be felt in our own inner underground.

The good news is that we are connected and we are One. Everything gets created in the energetic field first. So, stop the mess and breathe with me.
You are invited to follow the guidance to experience how a proven healing modality can assist you in dealing with these extremes emotions.
 By doing this inner work, you will be able to transform your inner world to find peace and harmony within your self first, so you can radiate that frequency in the world and assist the whole collectivity to come out of the dark. Do your part.

In this Emotional First Aid kit, you will learn to transmute your fears, depression, sadness, anger, rage, etc.. into a place where you become a deliberate co-creator of peace and harmony. 
Radiate your amazing beingness into our collective. Look into building a safe, healthy, peaceful, harmonious future on Earth. 






• Profound healing through a proven modality 

• Learn to handle extreme feelings, explore ways to deal with emotional pain;


Understand the mind in times of chaos and experience a realignment of the mind as a true partner on our journey;

• Experience dealing with the feeling of overwhelm, betrayal, anger, depression, etc.

• Experience a full cycle of transformation to find peace, love, harmony, hope, trust, joy, etc..

Discover how this inner tool modality is survival in a time of chaos and can be done on a daily basis. 


By practicing often these inner tools, you will build the muscle of unconditional love and compassion. 

Become happier & proactive. :)


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