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Tatiana Janzen, Office Manager
¨Manon is highly educated in her profession and truly gifted! I wish she sold training videos; I would buy her entire collection. I can’t even describe the transformation I’ve seen in myself over the last two weeks. She touched my deepest issues and helped me heal. It is truly remarkable! Years of pain dissolved in 2 hours! Priceless!!! I still have other work to do on myself and will absolutely be back!¨  -Tatiana J.
Kim Kabar, Mental Health Care Professional
Melissa Cantatore, Actress
Luminita Roman, Disability Advocate
Michelle Galletto, Real Estate Agent
¨ Manon and Pure Conscience, what is there to say, all right plenty! Manon is confident, talented, eclectic, and a humble human being. Manon is like a Swiss Army knife deluxe, containing precise tools to arrive at the Heart of the conflict, that brings forth clarity and focus into a resolution. In my case, I arrived at the session knowing that I was the root of my destruction. At the end of my session, with Manon's guidance, the stumbling blocks had been exposed and redefined. I left with no angst or awkward feelings, a freedom I had not experienced since early childhood. Thank you, Manon and Pureconscience, your presence' among humanity is priceless.¨ - Peter Chicovsky
¨ I had an amazing first experience! In just one session we addressed underlying issues that my subconscious has been holding onto. We were able to bring these things to the surface so that I may face them head-on and begin processing and healing.  I believe it will help me continue to grow and continue to invite wonderful things into my life.  Manon was gentle, caring, and compassionate and made me feel comfortable in opening up to this process.  Give it a try; it will change your life in a wonderful way. ¨ - Smilie
¨ My session with Manon was more than I was expecting. She is truly compassionate in her approach and I felt an immediate connection. She guided me through deep places that allowed me to understand my struggles and her explanations and process were so helpful to regain part of myself that has been stuck for as long as I could remember. Her technique is amazing and I felt a true shift within myself upon completion of just my first session.  It helped me to understand my default thought patterns and how to handle my feelings better. I highly recommend her! ¨ - Michelle H.
¨ Manon's sessions with me really opened me up to deep-held beliefs about my career that I didn't even know that I had. Through her gentle exploration and guidance, she was able to shed new light and bring another perspective that has truly helped me more than I ever thought possible. Everyone would benefit from her insight and I recommend her highly. ¨ -Dave S. 
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