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A Bit About Me

For the last twenty years, my life journey brought me on a quest for powerful transformational healing to break free from old conditioning, belief patterns, emotional wounds, traumas, etc. In recent years, my life was impacted by past life traumas in the realm of intimate relationships and I had to search for deeper tools to find relief and healing. The Spontaneous Transformation healing modality is the technique I have adopted personally to heal past-life traumas. I consider this technique a major breakthrough in the recovery of deep emotional wounds, it is complete, organic, and completely safe. I have been getting amazing results using the Spontaneous Transformation healing technique with clients during private consultations. I have embedded the modality into a collection of transformative meditations that help to bring resolutions and transform.

Manon Locas' 3 core principles are:

  1. Only You have access to your truth.

  2. Experience is the true essence of knowledge.

  3. You have to create it in your energy first before you can manifest it in the world. 


Manon finds that there's nothing more rewarding in life than to be actively living in one's true calling from the heart. She's contributing to making the world a better place by empowering you to walk the path of your soul and express your Greatness in the world.

She became an expert at transformation by learning to navigate her own depth, especially during the last five years, where she has been challenged to heal past life traumas, revealing a whole new scope of understanding of our inner world.   

Manon is thrilled to be sharing her best tools of transformation, training, and the know-how of their applications. She's inviting and encouraging participation in her life's direction and transformation online masterclass or to book a private consultation, so you can accelerate healing and start living deliberately.


Manon Locas

 Transformation Coach


Overview of Manon Locas' Credentials

- 2003 Reiki Level 1

- 2003 Traditional Sivananda yoga teacher's training 

- Continuous yoga training through a Tibetan method discovered on Maui, Hi. 

- 2004 Vipassana 10-day Intensive Meditation Training. Then, 1 hour am & pm for a full year. 

- 2005 Started teaching yoga Tibetan techniques in different location in Montreal, Miami, L.A.

- Trained in different Personal Development schools, Institute of Personal Growth, NLP, EFT.

- 2006 Became a Biofeedback EPFX practitioner.

- 2007-2008 Avatar Consciousness Program, became an Avatar Master.

- 2009 Started offering Life's Direction processes in groups and in private. 

- 2010 Started to work privately with experienced healers.

- 2012-2013 Studied Nutripuncture, a modern healing modality from France.

- 2016 Keep teaching Yoga and introduce meditation to groups.

- 2017 Became a Spontaneous Transformation Practitioner by Jennifer McLean.

- 2018 Continuous education through Years of Miracles with Marci Shimoff and Debra Poneman

Claire Zammit & Jean Houston - The Feminine Power - The Influencers Masterclass, Emmanuel Dagher - Easy Breezy Prosperity &  Jean Houston - Quantum Power.

- 2018 Started a professional practice of one-on-one transformation sessions in-person & online.

- 2018 Recorded PureConscience's first collection of Transformative Meditations.

- 2021 Channeled my unique healing modality - PureConscience.

- 2023 Launching What Is Your True Calling? Life direction & Transformation online masterclass.


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