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Manon Locas

Pureconscience Yoga has been created by Manon Locas, a certified yoga instructor since 2003.


Manon is sharing her passion through a mix of slow powerful movements, Yoga poses, Pilates and the principle of ballet. This is the result of over 10 years of exploration in the world of Yoga that she incorporated into her own personal practice. Her main influence is a method from Tibet discovered on Maui, Hawaii. 

 Her main approach focuses on the precision and correct posture associated with each pose to achieve equilibrium and harmony. Each movement originates from the spine, where the intelligence of the body awaken to progressively expand into a higher level of awareness and better mastery of oneself.  

The classes are for every body. All levels welcome.




Manon Locas



¨ I highly recommend Manon as a Yoga instructor.  Her training and knowledge of the different studies is amazing.  Additionally, for meditation, her voice is as soothing and relaxing as that of Deepak!¨

- Joseph M., Denver, CO.

¨I have been following Manon's classes every week for almost 1 year at Siscoe Gym Hot Yoga Studio. I have to say that I feel amazing in my body, her approach is different and her tips and focus on awareness of different areas of the body are really helpful and unique. I’m so glad we crossed paths. She’s very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her classes.¨  - Cyndy Miller, Montreal, Canada.


¨ Wow! This is a one-of-a-kind yoga class. I was very impressed with all the information I learned and experienced during a yoga session with Manon. She is able to pinpoint bad habits of posture and assist in correcting them. Thank you, Manon

- Alison Baker, Montreal, Canada.


¨What I enjoy the most about Manon’s classes is her precision and awareness in each movement. She helped me to correct the poses that I’d been practicing for a while and felt the difference in my body. I also enjoyed that she gave me some homework to help correct my posture.¨

-  Celine Seguin, Laval, Canada


¨ Manon has a great presence and I could feel her passion in sharing her approach to yoga. She’s inviting, and encouraging and she pays attention to details. I enjoy the variety of her sequences from class to class and I enjoy her sense of humor, which is really suiting at times. ¨

- Jeremy Walters, Montreal, Canada.


¨Manon is a great teacher, very inspiring and uplifting. Her care for great posture is remarkable. I enjoy her approach that evokes awareness from fingertips to toes, facial muscles to gaze. Since I met her, I’ve changed the way I walk and look at the world.¨

- Virginia Fox, Miami Beach, FL.

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