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Pureconscience is introducing its




A powerful series of guided healing meditations that truly                   aspects of your Self. 

The PREMIER COLLECTION is infused with unconditional love and compassion. 

Each Transformative Meditation offers deep relaxation, a reconnexion with your inner Self, and guidance to work actively in full awareness to help shift an aspect of your Self in a powerful way, so you can live life more deliberately.

When you shift the energy within, everything in your life has to match the new frequency. This is a universal law.

The PREMIER COLLECTION includes guidance inspired by the Spontaneous Transformation healing modality. A powerful, deep, and organic therapeutic method was originally created to help shift traumatic events, which is used during a private consultation with Manon, amongst other tools.

The technique is completely safe, organic and brings relief to the deepest issues that only You have access to.

This healing modality has helped thousands to recover from traumatic experiences regardless of where the memories are coming from and allows a complete shift to create a new state of being.

These Transformative Meditations deliver a unique flavor every time you follow the guidance and can be done daily or as needed. 


Here is a little background on how these Transformative Meditations came to life.

For the last two decades, my life journey brought me on a quest for powerful transformational healing to break free from old conditioning, belief patterns, emotional wounds, traumas, etc.

In recent years, my life was impacted by past life traumas in the realm of intimate relationships and I had to search for deeper tools to find relief and healing. The Spontaneous Transformation healing modality is the technique I have adopted personally to heal past-life traumas. I consider this technique a major breakthrough in the recovery of deep emotional wounds, it is complete, organic, and completely safe. 

Since I have been getting amazing results using the Spontaneous Transformation healing technique with clients during private consultations. I decided to give it a try and include the guidance of the steps of the method into my meditation class at the studio I was teaching. 

The results were fascinating even for beginner students who were deeply moved and amazed at the shift they were experiencing. 

So, I decided to record the Premier collection to give you access to powerful tools to help you better cope with inner challenges in the comfort of your home. 


These Transformative Meditations include all 3 qualities of traditional meditations: Concentration, Mindfulness, and Compassion.

The better you master your mind to not interfere with the process, the deeper you can feel. The deeper you can feel, the better you can shift and feel the benefits of the transformation. Start with either the Beginner-Vitality or the Mind Alignment if you are truly new at meditation. 

By making these transformative meditations a daily practice: 
- you will sharpen your ability to feel;
- you will reveal yourself to Your Self with honesty;
- increase awareness of non-supportive patterns and personal belief systems; 
- built trust;  
- love and honor your Self more;
- heal;
- hear more clearly the voice of your intuition;
-increase the level of happiness by just being You;
- develop a more powerful unconditional loving and compassionate presence towards your Self and all creations of life. 
- live more deliberately free of old conditioning and aligned with the universal laws of abundance.

Live deliberately, 

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